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Why Erasmus

The primary years are the time to lay a firm foundation for the adult of tomorrow. At the heart of all that we do at Erasmus Primary…

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Our Philosophy

We aim to provide an education which seeks to promote and support the spirit of unity so that everyone may be happy and enjoy…

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We invite prospective parents to attend a school tour, held on Wednesdays during term from 10.00am. Visitors are welcome to join the…

An end of year message from our Principal

Dear Parents and Friends, As the school year comes to a close, and I reflect on our shared journey, it goes without saying, amidst the challenges we’ve faced…

Just This Day

An annual worldwide celebration of the space of silence that we all share.⁠ Our world is busy, and in the turmoil, we forget we all share the same…

Christmas Service & Awards Ceremony ››

Friday 6 December 8:45am start time

Summer Holidays ››

7 December 2024 – 30 January 2025

Term 1, 2025: 30 January – 4th April ››

Thursday 30 January School commences for students (Prep – half day)

New Parent Orientation Program ››

Monday 3 February 8:30am – 1:30pm


Both of my sons graduated from Erasmus. Not only they have been nourished by the school but also us as parents. It is a wonderful community full of love and integrity.

Erasmus is an excellent school! It’s small scale and harmonious. All students and staff recognise each other.

My advice is to chat to any Erasmus school student, both current and a graduate, about life, philosophy, kindness and world issues. I did this when I was researching schools, and this was the deciding factor in making the decision to send my children to Erasmus.

Our daughter is in Year 1 and I can only speak for the time so far, but can confidently say that this is a wonderful and unique school. Our Prep teacher Miss Sparke was amazing. The kids adored her and she was able to combine the school’s ethos and her own awesome unique style to help them through a really tough year in 2021. We love the Year 1 teacher (Miss Tynan) so far and the school has really continued to deliver on its core philosophy, which is to help each child’s light shine, and the development of the whole child – mind, body, heart and spirit.

We have really loved being part of the Erasmus community. The school is deeply centred on creating a nurturing and loving environment in which each child can thrive. Every child is truly seen and their individuality recognised and celebrated. The school cares about the holistic growth of the child (mind, heart and spirit). Our daughter loves attending school and can’t wait to go each day! Thank you, Erasmus!

Our child attended grades 1-6 at Erasmus. The school provided a structured environment that supported and encouraged their interests in all subjects. Highlights included daily hot vegetarian lunches and healthy snacks prepared by parents; quiet, brief reflective moments at the beginning and end of each class; regular feedback after excursions about how respectful and kind Erasmus students were; the study of both Sanskrit and Latin; and consistent top academic results.

Parent Testimonial

Absolutely the best primary school. My daughter still talks about Erasmus being the best school! The teachers there are AMAZING. Book a tour and you will feel what a close-knit community it is, and what a great education – mentally, physically, spiritually it provides for the kids. Well done Erasmus!

Parent Testimonial

Sending our son to Erasmus was the best decision we have ever made. Absolutely love the approach to teaching, community focus and school values.

Parent Testimonial

….a huge thanks to you (Acting Principal, Melissa Albers) and all the staff who hosted the New (Grand) Parent Information Day yesterday. My mum Maggie could not stop talking about how wonderful the day had been, and how she now has such a great insight into Erasmus and the whole school’s approach to learning and community and especially the individuality of each student.

Parent Testimonial

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