Children discover the joys of service from their first day at Erasmus Primary School and learn to see that everything they do can be a sacred action. The children learn that service can involve doing things that are helpful and enjoyable, and can bring happiness both to themselves and to others.

Daily examples include greeting the class teacher at the door each morning with a handshake and eye contact, acknowledging the valuable service the teacher provides to the student as together they create the learning space. At lunchtime, all children and adults serve each other food and, once the meal is completed, classes help clear their year group’s lunch table. Various classes may share their skills as they sing for local aged-care communities.

Parents and friends of the school are powerful role models for the children as they fulfill service roles or volunteer around the school.

You must not imagine that if you radiate happiness you will not be appreciated, oh, you will be appreciated all right, in fact they will be around you like flies around a jam pot. Everybody loves happiness: happiness and peace, these are the two things. And in this way you will find happiness, by making everybody happy, but you will not find it any other way.

Leon MacLaren

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