After-school activities available throughout the year include yoga, chess, ballet, soccer, Indian dance and CSIRO CREST Club.

Parents are responsible for collecting children promptly at the end of the activity and will need to organise supervision of siblings onsite who are not enrolled in an activity, as only enrolled students can attend. You may wish to arrange use of our onsite after-school care service if you are unable to collect your child at the end of an activity. See the After School Care tab for more information about registration with Camp Australia.

For a full list of current extracurricular activities offered at the school, contact the school office.

Students can take private individual lessons at school during school hours in piano, violin and flute. Opportunities are provided for individual and group recitals at school.

Group clinics are offered for tennis.

At the beginning of each term a timetable is provided to families with details of the extracurricular activities offered. Activities include ballet, chess, CSIRO CREST, Indian dance, instrumental music, Junior Engineers, knitting, Latin, soccer, tennis and yoga.

Details can be obtained from Reception.

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