Erasmus Primary School has not-for-profit status. A Board of Governors is led by a Chairperson and each Board member is delegated various areas of responsibility including finance, legal, bursary, technology, communications and property. The Board adheres to a constitution and is responsible for the strategic and business direction of the school, establishing policy, ensuring the school operates on a sound basis including supporting the Principal and staff members in their endeavours. Board meetings are generally held monthly. The Principal attends Board of Governors’ meetings ex-officio (non-office holding, non-voting).

A detailed outline of the Board’s structure and activities can be found in the Board Charter.

The Board has policies in development relating to the operation, professional development, review and induction of the Board and its members. Each Governor is deemed to be of good character and has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to support the School’s governance needs.

Board of Governors

Chair, Corporate, Legal and OH&S
Mr Michael Smith – LLB Melb

A governor since 2010, Mr Smith was a partner with a large city commercial law firm for over 25 years, practising in business and corporate law, contracts and dispute resolution. He now works part time as in-house counsel at an inner city council.  For Erasmus Primary School, Mr Smith provides legal counsel and oversees corporate and occupational, health and safety requirements.

Mr John Marshall – DipEd Melb AssocDipFoodTech RMIT

A founding governor, Mr Marshall taught at a Melbourne Catholic high school for girls.  For Erasmus Primary School, he oversees pledge service and fees, the Bursary Trust and all related matters.

Philosophy Development
Mrs Marita Brewster

A founding governor, Mrs Brewster worked for many years with the Federal Government managing projects related to information systems and analysis of the economic activity of large businesses.  She heads up the Plato Faculty at the School of Philosophy and lectures locally and internationally through the SoP network. Mrs Brewster facilitates weekly philosophy tuition for every Erasmus staff member and is currently engaged in documenting the Erasmus Philosophy of Education.

Mr Christopher Kemp – BComm Melb GDipTax Mon Chartered Accountant

A governor since 2010, Mr Kemp is a part owner and director in a business providing financial advisory, taxation and accountancy services.  He provides his expertise in these areas, and oversees the preparation and review of the annual budget and adherance to regulatory requirements.

All schools are subject to a regulatory requirement of the VRQA to produce an annual report which can be viewed and downloaded here: Erasmus Annual Report.

All families with children enrolled receive an Erasmus Primary School Parent Handbook which details a range of policies and procedures. The Parent Handbook and more detailed policies are available upon request at Reception. Most can be viewed in the ‘Parent Access’ area of this website.

The Complaints and Grievances Policy is publicly available below.

Erasmus Policy: Complaints and Grievances

Formal Complaint Form

Independent Schools Victoria

Erasmus Primary School is a member of Independent Schools Victoria. Aspects of registration are implemented and updated with assistance from Independent Schools Victoria.

There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands.


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