About Us

Erasmus Primary School is an independent, non-denominational primary school that draws on some of the great philosophic traditions from across the world. It is devoted to providing the finest education for Years Prep – 6 and is one of the worldwide group of Renaissance schools.

The school’s focus is the cultivation of every aspect of the child – body, mind, heart and spirit, and it offers an ambitious and creative curriculum including philosophy, meditation and mindfulness as a way of nurturing these four aspects. All staff and students eat together every day, enjoying a freshly prepared vegetarian morning tea and lunch.

The first Renaissance School was established in London in the 1970s – St James Schools London. Since then others have been established around the world –  Johannesburg and Durban; John Scottus School Dublin; John Colet School Sydney and Ficino School Auckland. Erasmus Primary School was first established in 1996 by the School of Philosophy Melbourne. A group of teachers and parents inspired by the philosophy teachings wanted to offer traditional education grounded in philosophy to children. Since its inception in 1996, Erasmus Primary School has been dedicated to using philosophy in education, developing the inner as well as the outer person, and looking for balance between the body, mind, heart and spirit in raising a reasonable and harmonious child.

All of the Renaissance schools share the same guiding ethos, which acknowledges that every person shares the same universal essence, and that given the right conditions, all have the capacity to grow to their full potential.

The only building factor which faces the reasonable man is building characters. Particularly before the age of sixteen it is very essential that certain foundations must be laid before young people proceed into the world for activity and their position.

Sri Shantananda Sarasvati