Our Philosophy

At Erasmus, we regard each child as pure, perfect and complete. We see it as our primary task to ensure that this perfection is allowed to crystallise and shine. In the primary years, the child has great capacity to hold knowledge, and everything that is taught goes in, and forms the capital for life. It is during these years that the basic knowledge and the character of the child are formed. Therefore, we consider it essential that only the best and finest material is provided, along with an harmoniously balanced measure of love and discipline so that the knowledge can be received most effectively.

Our focus is the cultivation of every aspect of the child – mind, body, heart and spirit. The school is non-denominational, and offers philosophy, meditation and mindfulness practices as a way of nurturing all four aspects. Our approach ensures that our students are happy and well behaved while achieving optimum levels of success in whatever they undertake, be it academic, artistic, physical or emotional. All children and staff sit down together daily to eat a freshly prepared, vegetarian morning tea and lunch. Children are taught to serve each other before serving themselves. Our school builds character, encourages respect and consideration for others and develops a well-rounded person with a sharpness of mind that helps to bring out the best in each. Our aim is to realise our motto, Let Your Light Shine. Our aim is to let the light of each and every child shine.

Take the education of children after they have attained the age of five or thereabouts until they are fifteen. There are two things: love makes them grow, discipline gives them shape. Love without discipline produces a shapeless thing, given to bursts of bad temper, and weak. Discipline without love gives a brute. One has to know from moment to moment which is appropriate.

Leon MacLaren

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