Invitation to come and see

We invite all prospective parents to attend one of our tours held on most Wednesdays during term from 10.00 am. The tour groups tend to be small, providing an ideal opportunity to experience Erasmus Primary School. Visitors have time to see the children at work and play and view the facilities. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Call the school on 9819 1266 or email the Registrar to let us know when you would like to take a tour.

Erasmus Primary School is a non-select-entry, co-educational school and welcomes families from across Melbourne of all faiths as well as those with no particular faith tradition who support the guiding principles of the school.

Annual Fees and Charges

Enrolment Process

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Enrolment through the year

Start of Prep is the major intake time; however, children may join in any year level at any time of the year, providing there is a place and subject to the Principal’s approval.  In the year the student commences Prep, he or she must be five years of age by 30 April, or later only at the Principal’s discretion.  We generally invite the child to spend a full day at the school to ascertain compatibility for all.  A copy of the child’s most recent school report is required.

Bursary Trust

The Erasmus Primary School Bursary Trust aims to make education at Erasmus Primary School accessible to families who may be unable to pay full fees. To learn more, or to find out if you are eligible to apply, click here.


Erasmus Primary School complies with Victorian State and Australian Federal legislation and law.  All information provided to Erasmus Primary School remains confidential.

Contact us

To arrange a tour or to discuss enrolment, please contact the Registrar.

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