Just This Day

An annual worldwide celebration of the space of silence that we all share.⁠
Our world is busy, and in the turmoil, we forget we all share the same space.⁠ Beyond borders, religions, and divisions, a still, silent present unifies everyone and everything.⁠

⁠”When we reach this centre of the heart, we reach the ocean of love… From this centre we are one with everything, and a sense of compassion arises. The compassion is the feeling of family. In fact, It is possible to feel everyone in the universe as part of one’s own family. This is what expansion feels like – everyone seems familiar, a reflection of one’s own self. And this changes everything.”

We, as a school, celebrated Just This Day, last Wednesday 22 November. The students meditated and walked the poppy-lined labyrinth in silence, together, they gave over 3,370 minutes of stillness to the world.

Let’s spread love, understanding, and compassion, recognising that in silence, we discover the threads that weave us together.⁠

That space is the same⁠
In cities or fields⁠
Up mountains or in valleys⁠
In work, study or play⁠
In fortune or adversity⁠
In peace or conflict⁠
In fact wherever YOU are⁠
It belongs to us all⁠

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