Erasmus develops character that is resilient, courageous, happy, alert and disciplined.

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Welcome to the Erasmus Primary School website. 
As parents, we are understandably particular when selecting a school for our children; we naturally wish to provide the best possible schooling for our young and impressionable children.
At Erasmus, we provide every individual child with a careful balance of challenges to help each to strive and achieve; we have celebrations to share in each others’ successes, and stillness exercises to help bring out the very best, no matter what the task or discipline.  From a still point, launching into any activity draws on one’s innate abilities, whether it be writing, singing or throwing a javelin. This in turn can provide a sense of true self confidence, steadiness and resilience.  These qualities are already naturally there in each child; it is our job to draw them out and allow them to shine.  Read more.

An Honour

Two of our Year 5 students, Herschel and Shivani were recently...

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An article on Erasmus - The Age

The young philosophers at Erasmus Primary School Kristie Kellahan Published:...

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Anjali tops the state

Well done to Anjali, Year 5, for receiving 1st place...

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