The Ramayana – Founder’s Day Production

Lights! Camera! Action!

We are excited (and a little nervous) for our Friday evening spectacular of ’The Ramayana’ (stage nerves are very normal for budding theatrical stars.) It has been a very busy lead-up with final rehearsals of each scene, a whole school run-through and props and costumes fine-tuning. Heartfelt thanks must go to Ms Horne and Ms Neilson for their amazing stage and performance knowledge to prepare the students so well, to Erika (Stella’s mum) for her amazing artistic skill and insight to plan for and prepare amazing sets, props and costumes – You are amazing!, to Matthew Tonta for assisting Erika in building her prop vision – how lucky we are to have all your support and assistance to build an amazing experience for our students and school community.

We have continued our discussions as a school on personal strengths, recognising the strengths of others and how they complement us in our lives. This fits in nicely with our focus for the remaining weeks of the term relating to our virtue of ‘Wisdom’ – ‘Be an active learner.’ We are encouraging the students to recognise, reflect on and articulate how they describe their strengths to themselves and others around them, how strengths can better assist us in understanding ourselves and how curiosity can help us learn and grow. This could be worthy of a family discussion and for you, as parents, to discuss your strengths and how they have helped you learn and grow over time.

The Practice of Strength
I have the power to ensure my tests
I willingly face the challenges in my life
I have the courage to persevere
I cultivate gentleness and patience
I trust the value of transformation.

I am thankful for the gift of Strength
It empowers my soul

I look forward to seeing you all at The Renaissance Theatre this Friday. A reminder all students are to be at the theatre at 5 pm, and refreshments will be served in the foyer from 5.30 pm for parents and guests.

Melissa Albers – Acting Principal

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