Staff Philosophy

Erasmus staff have been looking at levels of communication/thought/consciousness. Some of the ideas and practices we have looked at are:⁠

✨ Meeting everyone and every situation as if for the first time!⁠

✨ Do we have opinions, and where did they come from?⁠

✨ What can we do when we meet someone with a strong opposing opinion?⁠

✨ How useful are opinions?⁠

✨ What does it mean to truly listen, and how can we practise it?⁠

✨ What do we notice when we truly listen? Can we hear more below the surface?⁠

✨ What is a universal principle?⁠

✨ How can we access universal principles?⁠

✨ What happens when we let go of expectations?⁠

We hope you ask yourselves some of these questions too.⁠

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