Reflecting on the nature of love

On Tuesday, I had a number of students wish me a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I was truly touched by this thoughtfulness and found that this simple gesture, reminded me to take the time to reflect on the nature of love and how this word is used. I think we can all appreciate that love is a powerful word. I also believe that it is a word that we should use more often in our lives and in different ways.

To me, love is about the value we put in a person, place or thing. When we use the word love, it is an expression of appreciation, care and regard. This may well be the love and affection you hold for another person in your life: a partner, your children, your parents and your friends. You could also love the mountains, reading books or chocolate cake…all of which are completely understandable things to love. Who we love and what we love will always add importance and meaning to our lives. It is also important to consider “Why” we love.

Love is not only a powerful word, it is also a complex emotion, value and action. For me, the why I love is about showing commitment and care and taking responsibility. Since starting at Erasmus, I have been truly fortunate to see love in action every single day. Love is present in our Dining Hall, where each meal has been lovingly prepared for our school community. I have seen love in the playground, especially this week, as our older students have cared for and supported our Preps as they transition to full days at school. I also see love present in the students in every classroom. Each of the children at our school is an expression of love, and our entire community is fortunate to have the opportunity to care for each and every single one of them.

Love truly is a wonderful thing to have in our lives. Taking the time to show love more in our lives can only allow us to benefit from the joy it creates for all of us.

“To love someone is to identify with them” – Aristotle

Adam Somes – Principal

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