Many Factors Shape Identities

Hello to everybody in our school community,

Welcome to Week 4 of Term 1, 2022.

This week the teaching staff participated in a Professional Development session on Tuesday after school, with the education consultant Lili-Ann Kriegler from Independent Schools Victoria. The theme of our session was our Thinking & Learning Program and looking at ways to reinvigorate it in the classroom. Lili-Ann introduced an instructional visual, investigating concepts and knowledge in learning. Lots of teacher talk and strategy was discussed in relation to how we could best use this model.

Staff were asked to use this model to investigate various common items we use in everyday life.

Ms Calamatta and Ms Tynan were given a small jug (see below) They labelled, analysed, visualised and applied their understanding of the jug. A simple exercise to highlight how this model assists in student understanding.

What came from this discussion was an insight into what this jug represented to them both. A rich conversation of family times, meals shared, hot roast dinners, formal table settings and family symbols depicting tradition and heritage.

So I ask you this…. What does this jug represent to you? Does it represent or form a connection? What items conjure tradition, history, culture and identity to you? Something to ponder… I welcome your thoughts on this and look forward to hearing how your tradition and identity has been formed.

This links beautifully with the Year 1 & 2 CCL unit on ‘Many Factors Shape Identities’ The students’ are investigating how strengths and achievements contribute to identities and how family identities can be influenced and enriched by cultural traditions and ways of being. A simple jug brought so much significance and insight.

As a school community, we are talking about our virtue of temperance – how we stay steady, how we manage ourselves…. Worthy of a conversation with your children.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Stay safe and well.


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