Is Love a living thing?

Hello to everybody in our school community,

I continue to smile and admire with pride the way our students manage themselves and show kindness to others around them. The students are all doing an amazing job moving around the school despite the fencing for the building project. They have definitely seen the need and met it with respect for the builders and themselves in their play spaces.

I visited the Year 2 classroom this morning and was blown away by the responses of the students when I asked them about their new Cross-Curricular Unit – Living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves. We discussed the attributes of living things, and one of the students asked ‘Is love a living thing?’ Lots of discussions followed but what we all came up with is that love is shown, given and accepted by living things. It is about our actions, and that’s the way love grows. From something so simple came such profound and thoughtful conversation. Well done Year 2’s – totally amazing!

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Melissa Albers – Acting Principal

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