In Harmony

Hello to everyone in our school community,

We have had a wonderful week celebrating Harmony Day together – full of colour, vibrance and happiness. The students love opportunities to all come together and celebrate.

I heard Cathy Freeman speak many years ago at a book launch and a resounding comment she said that has stayed with me is “Peace, unity and harmony!” We all felt that here at Erasmus.

We have continued our discussions on WISDOM this week. As I moved around the school taking a school tour this morning, I stopped students as they walked by and asked them to explain wisdom and how we embody wisdom at Erasmus. I was so proud! The students’ responses were from their hearts and gave a great insight into how they use wisdom to guide themselves and their actions. The parent I was touring was blown away by the honesty and insight of the students’ words.

I would also like to share some feedback from Ms Nugent from her recent excursion visits with the students. Museum staff at both Melbourne Museum and the Immigration Museum were very impressed with Erasmus students’ behaviour and their level of questioning throughout the excursion experiences. They highlighted that the questions asked were inquisitive and demonstrated great insight. Fabulous feedback for our fabulous students!

A great big thank you to all the parents who came along to our Celebration of Learning morning. The students love to share what they are learning and lead you through their workbooks. They select specific pieces they are most proud of, ones that provided them with challenges. This provides a beautiful connection for you as parents to your child’s learning and how the classroom functions and operates. We will be having Celebration of Learning opportunities every term, and I encourage you to come along if you are able.

Have an excellent rest of the week.

Melissa Albers – Acting Principal

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