House Swimming Carnival

The Erasmus Primary School Swim Program culminated in our annual House Swimming Carnival on Tuesday at the Hawthorn Aquatic & Leisure Centre. Thank you to our teachers and their support over the busy two week Swim Program. To our wonderful parent volunteers – we could not have done this without your help!

The final tally for House Points:

  • Phillip with 1007 points
  • Paterson with 960 points
  • MacKillop with 929 points

Congratulations Phillip!

House Captain Reports
At the Swimming Carnival, although there can be only one winner, we all tried our best. Phillip pulled together to succeed in taking home a consecutive victory. Thanks to our House Masters – Mr Evans and Mrs Angel – for supporting us. Well done Phillip on your best efforts! It was great to end the carnival on such a high note with the win of the 50m freestyle relay. 
Marcus & Josh
Phillip House Captains

The Swimming Carnival was a great success! Everyone in MacKillop tried very hard and swam hard and with courage. The 25m freestyle relay team was amazing and they managed to win a first place ribbon by working together as a team. Congratulations to all swimmers! Well done to all participants in other Houses.
Honey & Harper
MacKillop House Captains

At the Swimming Carnival, we thought everyone did a great job. We were lucky to come in second place. We were also proud to win the loudest cheering points as we tried really hard to support our team. Congratulations everyone for your excellent effort!
Daksh & Zamil
Paterson House Captains

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