Camp Jungai

I had the great pleasure of visiting our Year 5 and 6 students yesterday at Camp Jungai. Although they had only left on Monday, I could already see the joy and benefit they were taking away from the experience. Upon arriving, I heard stories of native bush foods they had eaten, time spent swimming in the Camp Jungai lake and excitement about the activities they would undertake during the day.

I could also hear in them the building of a greater appreciation for the environment in which they would continue to live for the remainder of the week. As the quote below indicates, spending time in nature can deepen and grow our sense of connection with the world beyond our homes. When we spend time in nature, whether in the countryside or in a local park, through connection with nature, our happiness can be improved enormously. I saw this happiness on display as our students canoed, completed the low ropes course and took in the beauty around them on their bush walk.

I could also hear in our students a deep appreciation for the comforts of home and the care of their families. I was delighted to see our students accepting new responsibilities and showing leadership amongst their peers. For many of our students, this might be the first time they have taken on more individual responsibility for themselves and others; whether it be cooking for themselves and others, making sure that they were looking out for one another during camp activities or supporting those in need, I was delighted to see all of our students rising to the challenges being presented to them on camp.

I look forward to welcoming our campers back on Friday and hearing more about their time away in the coming weeks. I also look forward to appreciating the beauty of the natural world around me and time with my family in the week ahead. I hope this for you and your family too.

Adam Somes

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