An Erasmus family’s experience of service

Thank you to the family who shared this story about their experience volunteering in an aged-care home last Christmas. A true example of service and Christmas spirit!

‘We wanted to experience the Christmas spirit as a family this year and we decided to do so by sharing time and love with residents in our local aged-care facility, especially with residents who have no family or friends visiting them over the festive period. This was inspired by several positive influences, namely Erasmus Primary’s staff and reverence for the character and life of Jesus Christ.

Our children, aged 4 and 7, were very excited. We had a diluted aims and objectives talk beforehand and then arrived with our police checks and open minds and hearts. We met such interesting and lovable characters who had undergone physical and mental hardships, for example, a 95-year-old Polish lady who was an Auschwitz survivor, then a war widow, whose love for her husband resonated in the aura of her room.

The children were taken aback by the love the aged residents showered upon them and their huge recognition of gratitude for spending selfless time with them. They loved being asked about school and kinder and my wife and I were surprised at their ability to listen with intent and open minds and hearts, and to respond with empathy even though they were being distracted by sweets and chocolate biscuits offered by the lovely staff!

Both children commented on how lucky they felt having loved ones to share the holidays with and they wanted to say a prayer for all less fortunate, and to keep in touch with them.

We left feeling humbled and with a sense of how connected we all are spiritually as human beings, irrespective of our beliefs or backgrounds. An exercise to pass on the spirit of Christ to the kids ended up energising us all with such positive emotion.

We felt the anonymity of this recollection would preserve its aim, which was to momentarily feel the energy of Jesus Christ and offer our gratitude this way. The children actually suggested this: “Dad, we’re not doing this to be famous like being on YouTube, so we should not write our names.”

Thank you Erasmus Primary for the wonderful idea.’

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