Farewell Miss Horne and Welcome Miss Neilsen!

Hello to everybody in our school community,

Another busy, busy week at Erasmus! I know I have said this before, but the students continue to amaze me and make me proud with their patience and versatility to the changing landscape of the school as we progress through our building works.

Work is progressing along well, and we see changes to the building every day. The site foreman Richard has communicated to me that he and all the builders think our students are incredibly well-mannered, patient and friendly. Awesome feedback and a testament to our students, teachers, staff and families.

Tomorrow (Thursday), we bid farewell to our amazing, creative and talented Miss Horne as she begins her maternity leave. We all think she is simply amazing and wish her and her partner, Matt, all the happiness in the world as they await the arrival of their little girl. We look forward to welcoming Miss Horne back mid next year. Stepping in for Miss Horne is Miss Jessi Neilsen Carreno, who also has a Performing and Visual Arts background. I feel very confident that the students are once again in very capable hands with the experience that Miss Neilsen brings to the Arts roles. Please say hello to Miss Neilsen if you see her on the school grounds.

Our wellbeing focus for this term is Personal Strengths. Our conversations with the students are focused on providing them with the vocabulary to help them recognise and understand strengths and positive qualities in themselves and others. Teachers will focus on learning activities to build this vocabulary and use it when discussing personal, social and ethical challenges. Our focus at the steps this week has been to identify what is a strength, how we identify them in ourselves and others and how we can use them to do good for those around us. This could be a focus as a conversation piece with your children.

I leave you with this to ponder….

The Practice of Humility
I value others’ thoughts and feelings.
I am willing to give and receive help.
I am a work in progress.
I admit mistakes and learn from them.
I am resilient, not perfect.
I am grateful for my gifts.

Have a wonderful week.

Melissa Albers – Acting Principal

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