A message from our Chaplain

Are you someone that gets to places early or are you a run late sort of person? Getting to school on time, that’s 8.25 am for line up, is super important for you as a student and for those responsible for getting you here!

Here are some reasons why getting to school on time is so important…

  • It’s a legal requirement
  • You’ll miss hours of education
  • It disrupts other students
  • The teacher needs to repeat their instructions
  • It increases administrative work
  • It develops discipline and organisational skills
  • It models punctuality
  • It promotes a relaxed learning mindset and environment
  • You’ll miss important information
  • The student feels connected with the class
  • It allows time to get prepared for learning
  • It sets a pattern for future learning

If you’re on time, well done! Encourage your friends to get here on time with your words and example. If you are often late, what can you do to get to school on time?

  • Go to bed earlier
  • Get ready the night before
  • Set an alarm
  • Pre-prepare your clothes, school bag and breakfast
  • Take notes on things you need to remember
  • Leave earlier

Have a chat together. I’m sure you can come up with some more reasons and develop a plan. See you here by 8.25 am or earlier!

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