Year 6 Philosophy reflections

In Year 6 Philosophy this week, we looked at the first part of the Creation account from the ancient Sanskrit text, the Rgveda. As you can see below, tackling this passage is not for the faint-hearted!

Then, what is not, was not; what is, was not:

The intervening divine motion of

Creation was not: nor yet the expanse

Of heaven to shelter that motion. Was

It hid? Where? By whose enveloping care?

Was it water, the fathomless abyss?

After some consideration (which included comments such as ‘I think we’re thinking too much!’), two students voluntarily wrote a reflection each. These were entirely their own thoughts and language.

“Somehow in nothing there was everything and for some inexplicable reason, it appeared. Everything appeared and from that, things grew. Time is a circle and eventually it will repeat itself. When the ‘somehow’ happened, the circle appeared, but we have no idea when this was.”

“Maybe we just need to wake up. We think there is this space with Jupiter and Mars. That’s just our imagination. It is spiritual energy. We are living the wrong way. We should be doing meditation and other things like that. We are wondering from where everything came. It’s right in front of us. We need to wake up. We can’t see because we are asleep.”

So, who exactly is teaching who?

Well may we ask!

— Miss Amanda Pope

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