Welcome to the 2023 school year!

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the 2023 school year! The start of each school year is a wonderful time as we come back together and open ourselves to new opportunities, learning, and growth.

I am very grateful to start my first full calendar year at Erasmus in the role of Principal. I am also grateful to have had the chance to welcome new students, staff, and families to our community in recent days. I am grateful to have seen the joy and positivity of our returning students when reconnecting with their peers and teachers. I am grateful to have spoken with many of you before and after school and to hear how excited you are about the year ahead.

As you might have guessed, I have been considering the importance of gratitude, especially as the year has commenced. Over many years, I have found that when I practice gratitude in my daily life, I can discover new joys and adapt to new situations. There is still so much that is new to me here at Erasmus. Taking time to reflect and find the moments of gratitude at the end of each day has allowed me to see all the fun and excitement that is taking place in what can be a very busy time of year.

Considering making gratitude a part of your family practice each day can become a powerful way to reinforce the positives that can be found in the school day. Asking over dinner or during the evening for one thing that your child has been grateful for can allow them to take even greater enjoyment from what they have learned or achieved that day. Gratitude can allow us to connect more deeply with each other and our own experiences.

I am sure that in the days and weeks ahead, you will find many moments to be grateful for as the new school year starts. I look forward to hearing about these and sharing my own moments of gratitude with you over the course of the year.

Adam Somes – Principal

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