Excursions and more – Term 2 Week 5

Hello to everybody in our school community,

Time is rushing by with us already halfway through the term. Teachers have commenced preparing reports and they will be available online at the end of the term. Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held on Monday 25 and Wednesday 27 July as a follow-up conversation about your child’s/children’s progress thus far.

A reminder that the Term 2 working bee is fast approaching – Saturday 4 June and I look forward to seeing as many parents there as possible. This is another great way to come together and connect as a community.

We continue our discussions on courage and what it looks like in regular day to day life. Being courageous within ourselves allows us to grow, develop and prosper.

I continue to meet new parents by showing them around the school in order to assist them to develop an understanding of who we are at Erasmus and ‘Why Erasmus?’ as an option for their children. I look to the students during these tours to share their understanding of what we do at Erasmus that allows their light to shine, what our virtues mean, how they help us on a daily basis and what makes Erasmus unique. I do this as it allows honest responses from the students; nothing rehearsed or practised, just pure and honest responses from their hearts. I’m proud of their confidence in how they engage with our visitors and welcome them to our wonderful school.

We welcome 2 student teachers from the Australian Catholic University into Year 1 and Year 4. This is an important component of a student teacher’s practical training and one that really excited me all those years ago when I was at university. We welcome Gemma and Amy to our school.

Have a wonderful week, with all the colds and flu around at the moment; stay well!

Melissa Albers – Acting Principal


This image was taken during the Koorie Heritage Trust Excursion – Years 1 & 2

Years 1 and 2 had a great excursion last Tuesday.

We went on an Indigenous walk along the Yarra River. The excursion was linked to our CCL main idea: The history of local communities shapes what they are today.

We also visited the MCG, Federation Square, Flinders St Station and St Pauls Cathedral.

Ms Tynan

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