Let Your Light Shine

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to those that joined us on Friday evening, either face to face or virtually, for our Parent Information session. It was a perfect night with the perfect company. Special thanks to the teachers for preparing for the evening and Wendy and Lea for wonderful refreshments – the cheese platters in a cup was a hit! For those that missed the evening, you should have received some information pertaining to co-curricular activities and Cyber Safety information that needs to be returned to the office in the next week.

I invited all parents to contribute to a class writing wall titled ‘Let Your Light Shine’. This provided an opportunity to write a message, parent to child, encouraging them to continue to strive and let their light shine. If you have not contributed please email your child’s teacher so that they can write your message for you. It is important that every child has a message to read and reflect on as they come to school every day.

I’ve had many parents ask me about the song I played during the presentation, please see below for the link.

I also include a photo of a session the staff had together prior to the children beginning school for the year. Staff too reflected on what our school theme of ‘Let Your Light Shine’ means to them and what helps them in allowing this light to shine.

This will continue to be a focus throughout the school year, students, staff and parents alike. It is so important that we are connected to our theme and consider it as we move forward together.

Stay safe and well,


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