Our focus is the cultivation of every aspect of the child’s being – body, mind, heart and spirit. We offer philosophy, meditation and mindfulness practices as a way of nurturing all four aspects of the being.

All children and staff sit down together daily to eat a freshly prepared, vegetarian morning tea and lunch where children are taught to serve each other before serving themselves. The school has around 125 students and is based in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Everyone involved in the school does an amazing job of living what they espouse.


We nurture the power of attention

At Erasmus Primary School, we recognise the power of attention as the master key to the development of your child.

Focused attention brings stillness, intelligence, happiness, courage and every virtue that is needed for the discovery and development of your child’s talent – be it academic, artistic, physical or emotional. We use simple mindfulness exercises to help focus the mind and enable your child to develop an inner quiet, strength and steadiness. They are then able to attend to the task at hand with greater application.

We build character, and encourage respect and consideration for others

At the heart of all we do at Erasmus Primary School is the desire to provide your child with what they need to flourish and live a civilised and cultured life for the good of society. This means developing a character that is caring, thoughtful, resilient, happy, effective and disciplined.

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