Father’s Day Assembly

We had a full house for the Fathers’ Day Assembly last week, filling Erasmus Hall with a spirit of warmth and gratitude.

The theme was Love. No matter what our families look like, or who plays the role of ‘father’, it is love that holds families together, holds friendships together, holds societies together — holds the whole of Creation together. Whoever it is that gives us a sense of security, constancy, safety, provision, or protection, these are qualities of a father, and they can come from unexpected and surprising sources. Even as adults it is worth pondering who in our lives still play this role for us.

Children lit candles for absent fathers, and affirmed with this simple, powerful gesture that even though a father may not be with us in body, they are absolutely with us in Spirit.

Of course, the messages from every class to their fathers and father-figures were priceless.

Many thanks to all who play this crucial role in our lives.
Amanda Pope

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