End of year festivities!

Dear Parents,

It certainly is an exciting time of year! The children are full of excitement for Step Up day, Christmas and End of Year festivities. Karen the Elf has returned to the Prep classroom and is bringing lots of laughs and joy with her classroom antics.

As a school community, we have been chatting about how we meet people and situations using our virtues of Wisdom, Courage, Temperance and Justice. I believe it helps if we relate the virtues to real-life experiences so that we can see the connection and how we use them to manage and understand ourselves. I encourage you to talk about the virtues with your child/children and perhaps share your experiences with how they assist you in daily life.

I share with you this quote – in essence, it says to me that in understanding ourselves we can present the best parts of ourselves to others in our day-to-day interactions.

‘Our connection with our intuitive self is ever-present and always a part of ourselves’ James Van Praagh.

Next Tuesday evening we celebrate with our Year 6 candidates as they prepare to leave Erasmus on their next educational journey. We are looking forward to hearing the farewell speeches that they have so lovingly prepared alongside Mr D and Mrs Robinson.

Next Wednesday is our final day for the school year as we come together as a school community to share our annual Christmas service. Immediately following is our awards ceremony. Please see below for our award structures.

We warmly welcome you to this celebration. If you are unable to attend, the event will be live-streamed, with details to follow.

Year 3 – 6 Academic awards will be given for the following:
Encouragement Award – A student who has demonstrated a growth mindset to show resilience and determination in their learning
Personal Excellence Award – A student who has demonstrated commitment to achieving their best personal academic results

Subject awards (Art, Music, Needlework, Sanskrit) will be given for the following:
Junior Encouragement Award – To acknowledge a student who has displayed terrific effort and a growth mindset in the subject.
Senior Encouragement Award – To acknowledge a student who has displayed terrific effort and a growth mindset in the subject.
Outstanding Achievement Award – To acknowledge a student who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to achieving their personal best in the subject.

School-wide Award:
The Carol Millard Prize – A student who shows outstanding commitment to reading.
The Charlie Booth Award – A student who continually demonstrates sportsmanship.
The Arete Prize – In recognition of a student’s personal excellence in all aspects of school life. The prize is awarded to a student for the quality of their engagement and contribution to the school community and for their demonstrated commitment to the development of the school virtues.

Looking forward to an exciting final week of school for 2021!

Melissa Albers – Acting Principal & Head of Learning

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