Rennata Morrison violin lessons T&Cs

Violin Lessons
Erasmus Primary School
2024 Policy and Term 3 Fees

Violin Teacher: Rennata Morrison
Email address: rennata_morrison@hotmail.com

Violin Lessons are taught during school hours. Timetabling of lessons will be rotated
each week, so that students do not miss the same class consecutively.

The number of lessons per term differs by term length and scheduling, and therefore
will be confirmed before the commencement of each term.

Please find rates for Term 3 (9 lessons, commencing Thursday 18th July) below:

30-minute lessons: $450
45-minute lessons: $675
1-hour lessons: $900

Absence and Make-up lesson policy:

• Students are allowed a limit of one make-up lesson per term. This may be
taught in-person (in the last week, on another suitable day earlier in the term, as
a longer lesson (depending on the student), or as an online lesson after school
hours via Zoom, depending on teacher availability.

In case of absence, please send an email to rennata_morrison@hotmail.com

Please notify me of your child’s absence before 8am the morning of their lesson.
If notice is not given, the lesson will be forfeited.

• Absence from lessons due to official external school activities (e.g. camp,
excursion), will be rescheduled, and will not count towards the make-up lesson

• If the Violin Teacher is absent, the lesson will be rescheduled. If the lesson
cannot be rescheduled during the term, a credit lesson will be issued for the next

Termination of lessons:
If you wish to terminate your child’s lessons, please give notice in writing, 4 weeks in

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