Meals at School

We provide a healthy, wholesome, organic morning tea and lunch every day for all children and staff.  Meals are prepared with love and care in our own kitchen.  Everyone sits down together to enjoy the good company and serving each other.  We aim to ensure everyone is sufficiently and appropriately nourished throughout the school day to optimise their learning, engagement and sense of wellbeing.  Our approach is based on healthy eating philosophies shared by many ancient and contemporary cultures worldwide.  Our menu is readily digestible, pure and light.

Special Dietary Requirements

All dietary requirements are catered for, whether it be for allergies or intolerances or for spiritual reasons. We currently cater for gluten-free, legume-free, scallion-free, dairy-free and vegan students.

Morning tea: Aloo (potato) paratha
Lunch: Napoli pasta, basil pesto, salad

Morning tea: Honey rice bubble slice
Lunch: Coconut curry, tandoori tofu, dahl and rice

Morning tea: Chocolate bickies
Lunch: Margherita pizzas, olives, salad

Morning tea: Muesli slice
Lunch: Fried rice and marinated tofu served with green beans and chilli sauce

Morning tea: Banana bread
Lunch: Arancini rice balls, steamed broccoli, salad and potato wedges with a tangy tomato sauce

Morning tea: Dhokla (a yummy Indian snack made from dried mung beans. It's bread-like, topped with spices and curry leaves, served with a chutney.)
Lunch: Erasmus Kitchen's famous baked beans (navy beans in a beautiful tomato sauce made from scratch). They are served with hot potato wedges, cheese, sour cream and coleslaw!

Morning tea: Freshly baked apple slice, made with organic apples, sultanas and coconut.
Lunch: Spinach and fetta scrolls served with steamed and seasoned green beans and a salad platter. Yum!

Morning tea: Savoury scones (lightly buttered cheese and chive scones).
Lunch: A lightly spiced Middle Eastern pilaf with currants and slivered almonds, accompanied by a Moroccan harira (a lentil and chickpea dish cooked with carrot and mild Moroccan spices, in a tomato sauce, topped with fresh coriander).  Served with a roast beetroot salad, hommus dressing and quinoa salad with olives, tomato and cucumber.

Morning tea: Baked polenta sticks topped with cheese and olives, served warm.
Lunch: 'Sunshine soup' made from all the orange veggies and a few other special ingredients, served with freshly baked bread rolls and grissini, coriander pesto, cheese and veggie sticks.  

Morning tea: Our delectable thumbprint bikkies with a touch of jam are full of crunchy goodness!
Lunch: Arancini rice balls, baked in the oven with a centre of mozzarella, served with a Napoli sauce, potato mash, steamed broccoli and grated cheddar cheese.