Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated across the curriculum in various subjects and activities.  The children are introduced to the concept of technology as a vehicle for research, composition, communication, information storage and sharing.  They gain a perspective of ICT as a recent development and experience how it can assist them in various aspects of learning and interacting in an increasingly technological world.  They gain an appreciation that technology is one of many tools and are encouraged to be mindful of how it impacts learning experiences and daily life in many ways.  

The children have a basic introduction to hardware and software technology and learn about cyber safety including appropriate email and internet use and exposure to supervised social media.  Internet use is closely monitored with restricted access to the internet from electronic devices available for student use.  Touch typing skills are introduced and encouraged particularly in the middle and later primary years.  All children gain a basic understanding and working knowledge of word publishing and multi-media presentations by the time they graduate.