Staff at Erasmus Primary School provide for a wide range of curriculum programs and learning experiences that support the academic and social development of students.

The Principal is responsible for daily management of the school including appointment of staff, formulation of the curriculum and teaching.  He works with the Senior Management Team to lead a group of experienced and dedicated teachers and administrative staff who have extensive local and international experience.  All teachers are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.  Some teachers are students of Melbourne School of Philosophy, and all teachers participate in philosophy education on a weekly basis.  Staff also undertake internal and external professional development and training, and utilise advisory services provided by Independent Schools Victoria and other providers.

Senior Management

Principal: Mr Thierry Clarisse
Head of Learning: Mrs Melissa Albers
Head of Administration and Registrar: Mrs Catherine Irvine

Class Teaching Staff

Prep: Miss Sabina Sparke
Year 1: Ms Jayne Johns
Year 2: Ms Sinead Tynan
Year 3: Mr Matthew Blair
Year 4: Mrs Sharon Ramsay 
Year 5: Mr Jake Dojcinovic
Year 6: Mr Ricky Evans

Learning Support

Learning Enrichment and Extension: Ms Emily Dawson
Learning Support: Mrs Trish Jowett
Learning Support: Ms Francine Nugent 

Specialist Teachers

Art: Mrs Karen Jorgensen-Lade
Dance: Mrs Kathy Vlassopoulos
DigiTech and Library: Ms Emily Dawson
Languages and Philosophy: Miss Amanda Pope 
Latin: Ms Chiara Gallo
PE Coordinator: Mr Jake Dojcinovic
Wellbeing Coordinators: Miss Sabina Sparke (Jnr) and Mrs Sharon Ramsay (Snr)
Music: Mrs Naomi Heyden 
Piano: Mrs Akemi Schubert, Ms Meilanny Chandra
Violin: Ms Rennata Morrison
Flute: Miss Alyse Faith

After School Care

Camp Australia: 1300 105 343

Non-teaching Staff

Philosophy: Mrs Marita Brewster
Administration Assistant (Marketing and Communications): Ms Jane Thomson
Administration Support: Mrs Kerrin Wilson
Bookkeeper: Mrs Liliana Orchowski
IT Systems Manager: Mr Andrew Chambers
Kitchen Manager: Ms Wendy Rundle
Kitchen Supervisor: Mrs Tatiana Slezak
Maintenance Coordinator: Mr Philip Wills
Reception: Ms Rosie Nicoletti
Service Coordinator: Miss Kim Robertson